Monday, September 8, 2014

Twice as Nice

Last week the boy and I celebrated our second anniversary, and with what we've decided to make a bit of a tradition we back to Flemings for dinner. I tried my best to change my choice up from last year, but it's hard to not go with some of my favorites. Of course last year I did have a cocktail to drink, and that definitely didn't happen this year. Also last year we split an appetizer and had our own sides, whereas this time we split a side and had our own appetizers.
Duck Special
The boy started with their duck special of the night, which was good, but not amazing. (Especially nowhere near the duck we had at our wedding.)
French Onion Soup
I went with one of my normal favorites, French onion soup. But while the soup itself was really flavorful, it looked like it had been waiting for a while to get to the table and the bread was almost disintegrated.
Petite Fillet Mignon
Of course being at a steak restaurant we both had a steak. I went with the petite fillet, the same as last year, while the boy went with one of their aged steaks.
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
For a side, since you can't quite have steak without it, we did split their mashed potatoes with roasted garlic.
Creme Brulee
Since I'm a bit obsessed with it, I of course had to go with the creme brulee for dessert. But while it's the same as last year, I do think the photo is better, so that's something right?

As for a photo of us, well, as longtime readers know the boy isn't a fan of photos. I've basically learned that if I'm taking a photo with him, I need to have the camera timmer take four at once, especially since I'll have my eyes closed in at least one, and he won't let me retake them. That was definitely the case this year since my eyes were closed in one of them, and we didn't take a second round of photos.
2nd Anniversary
Although the boy at least in a fan of this shot since he's able to keep his anonymity quite well!

This is the post from our first anniversary for comparison!


  1. Happy anniversary! Looks like a wonderful way to enjoy and celebrate it!

  2. Cute, cute picture. Happy anniversary wishes!

  3. Ha, I am glad there is another photo disliker out there as Phil definitely does not care to have his photo taken so it takes a bit of work to get him to agree to one!

    Sounds like a yummy anniversary meal. You definitely have to have steak when you go to a place like that. The mashed potatoes looks SOOOOO good. And of course, I'm a sucker for creme brulee so I would have gone with that as well. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

  4. Flemings! Yum. They have amazing potatoes there, I agree. Haven't been there in a few years; maybe will have to go back for my husband's birthday this year as his favorite food is steak. Happy two year anniversary!

    1. We actually hadn't ever been there until last year, but now it's become a favorite! I'm sure we'll likely continue this tradition we've started. And thank you!!

  5. Happy (Belated) Anniversary!!! That creme brulee looks amazing and I LOVE French Onion Soup. Now I'm hungry :)