Thursday, September 4, 2014

26 Weeks Bumpdate

To start off with, this past week we had our 2 year anniversary. I definitely plan on posting more on it, but here at least is a small preview with my weekly bump photo.
26 Weeks
How Far Along: 26 Weeks

Size of the Baby: A scallion

Maternity Clothes: The dress in the photo isn't technically a maternity dress. However it is a dress a friend gave to me that she used to use when she was pregnant. I will say it's getting harder to find non-maternity shirts that still work, but I do have a few.

Nursery: Not quite nursery related, but we did look at new cars this past weekend. My current car only has two doors, so we'll definitely need to upgrade to something that's easy to take car seat in and out of.

Stretch Marks: Still none!

Sleep: I'm back to getting leg cramps early in the morning. Again nothing too bad, but a mild annoyance.

Movement: It's definitely pretty regular now, and honestly kind of crazy to think about.

Cravings: Nothing specifically, although I'm pretty sure I could eat ice cream every day if necessary.

Symptoms: I do feel a bit like I've gotten huge lately. I know looking through the pictures it looks like it's been pretty gradual, but it feels like it was overnight in a way. At this point it's getting hard to believe my body is actually my own.

What I Miss: With all the excitement over Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I definitely feel like I'm missing out here.

Looking Forward To: I know I've said it before, but I think this is finally the weekend we'll be registering. So we'll see!
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  1. You look so great!! If it makes you feel any better, I had PSL today, and it wasn't that good.

    1. Haha! But no it doesn't really help, because I don't quite believe you! :)

  2. The bump looks so great! Hope y'all had a good anniversary :)

  3. You have definitely popped over the last several weeks but you look so cute pregnant! But I can see how you don't really feel like your body is your own anymore! I had a PSL yesterday and while it tasted good, i feel like they raised their prices as it was $5.15! So I don't think I will be drinking many this year. :/

  4. I was so sad to say good-bye to our two door car (which I loved!!!) before Sam was born. But yeah, it was very impractical.