Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday - Janie and Jack

I remember hearing about Janie and Jack on various blogs back before I was even pregnant. I thought their stuff was adorable and knew once we had a baby I had to make sure they had some of their items to wear. Which is why on my trip to Houston earlier this year, when I saw there store I had to stop in. Especially since there isn't one in Baton Rouge. Lucky for me we were in there in the middle of a sale, which made me feel far better about picking these things up.
From Jack & Janie
First was the pink sweater from the boy's section. It can definitely be hard to buy unisex clothing but I figured this was perfect. Yes, it's pink which says girl, except technically it is meant for boys, so it could easily work either way.

In the middle is a crab onesie with matching socks. While I realize it may not be the best theme for a winter baby, I figure we can definitely make it work.

Finally on the right there's elephant pajamas with a matching hat, which I have a feeling I'll be making the most use of.

While I love Janie and Jack's clothes, it's expensive enough that I know it likely won't be a common purchase. But I have a feeling every once in a while I won't be able to help myself to bring home an item or two!


  1. my kids have only ever had a few pieces from janie and jack. I sometimes find some at consignment sales! we love gymboree though!

  2. The little baby sweater is so cute. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks baby clothes are cuter than babies.

  3. I LOVE Janie and Jack. I have bought a few things on eBay, plus we have been gifted a lot of things from there. That little crab onesie, so cute!

  4. So, so cute. Will have to remember this brand for gifts. Impossible to resist.