Monday, July 14, 2014

Orange You Glad I'm Here

You may have noticed posting has been a bit light this past week. With good reason though since we spent the week of 4th of July in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Orange Beach
On a vacation like this is doesn't really make sense to do a full day-by-day recap. Instead there was a lot of time spent laying out and tanning,
looking for shells,
playing in the sand,
swimming the ocean (which I don't technically have photos of since I was little scared of getting my camera too close to water),
and of course, getting buried in the sand.
Getting Buried
All in all, a pretty relaxing trip for the whole extended family.

What are your favorite types of vacations? Those full of lazy days or ones where you're out doing something each day?


  1. Looks like a great getaway! The beach looks so nice! I am glad you guys had a great getaway. If I remember correctly, the last time you took a beach getaway it was rainy so i am glad it was sunny for this one!

    I usually prefer vacations where I do something every day. But if I was traveling with kids I would prefer something more laid back!

    1. You're exactly right! It did rain almost every single day on our trip last year. So I guess the weather was making it up to us, and it was pretty perfect the entire time we were there.

  2. We are heading to the beach in just under four weeks and I CANNOT wait! We have never had a beach vacation before and I'm so excited! I think it will be the perfect, low key break our family needs.

  3. Haha, love your blog name! I love beach holidays too but I couldn't spend 14 days at the beach......maybe one or two and then I get bored...

  4. Fun time! I live a couple of blocks away from the beach here in Dubai but it's too hot to even go out now :(