Thursday, July 3, 2014

17 Weeks Bumpdate

17 Weeks
How Far Along: 17 weeks

Size of the Baby: A turnip

Maternity Clothes: I currently only have one pair of shorts that fit. At least shorts that aren't athletic type shorts. They're the ones I'm wearing in this weeks photo, as well as last week's, and since most Sundays I'm out watching the boy play baseball where shorts are a necessity, you'll likely be seeing them a bit more.

Nursery: Still no progress here.

Stretch Marks: Still none.

Sleep: I have a night once a week or so where I'm more tired than normal, but for the most part I'm back to my normal pre-pregnancy sleeping habits.

Movement: Still none.

Cravings: Which Wich! I could easily eat it ever day if necessary. Although unfortunately, it's on the other side of town, so I don't get there as much as I'd like to.

Symptoms: I've been breaking out lately. Although I realize my breaking out is nothing for a lot of people. But whenever I have even a small issue I notice it. And while it may or may not be related, I'm definitely attributing this to the pregnancy.

What I Miss: Nothing too crazy actually. Yes, more caffeine would be nice and a fruity summery mixed drink would be fun, but I'm not really missing them either.

Looking Forward To: I'm more than ready to make some progress on the nursery. So hopefully the next time you hear from me, something will have happened there.
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  1. You look so cute. I broke out some when I was at the same point as you and then didn't have a problem for the rest of my pregnancy. Hopefully, it won't last long for you!

  2. Hello Bump! You look awesome!!!

  3. Aw you look so cute! And that is great that you are back to your pre-pregnancy sleep schedule and aren't feeling quite as tired. I look forward to seeing what you do with the nursery!!