Thursday, July 17, 2014

More from the Beach

Earlier this week I posted about our trip our trip to the beach, and while I said I wasn't going to do a day-by-day recap I never said that would be the only post about it. While the point of our trip was definitely to spend time in the sand, that wasn't quite all we did.
We went to dinner at The Hangout where we played ping pong and our niece and nephew got to dance on the table.
Of course there was food too, which was a fried crab claw plate for me.
Fried Crab Claws
We spent nights in the condo playing King of Tokyo.
Playing Monsters
We went to lunch at Slap Happy's Sammiches because, well, with a name like that how could we not go. I had a chicken salad sandwich with potato salad, which was pretty much exactly what you'd expect a sandwich at a place like this to taste like.
Chicken Salad Sandwich
We spent the day shopping at the outlets, and while the baby may not need any more clothes they may have gotten a thing or two. And while this isn't a photo of shopping in progress, it was most definitely taken at the outlet mall.
Taking a Break While Shopping
And for one last meal, we went to Lucy Buffet's Lulu's. I may not have a photo of my actual meal (which was a greek salad and jerk chicken sandwich), but I do have one of the mango daiquiri I had while waiting for our table (non-alcoholic obviously).
Mango Daiquiri
It's crazy to think that this is our last vacation as a family of two. And while we may not have an official babymoon scheduled, I think this was a close as we're going to get.

What are your thoughts on babymoons? Have you ever taken one? Or would you want to?


  1. when I was pregnant, I read the definition of a babymoon to be the time you spend with your baby bonding after birth! I never knew there was a babymoon you take before birth, so nope, never took one! lol.

    1. I do kind of like the definition! And may actually prefer it to the one that everyone seems to be using now.

  2. We didn't with Sam but tried with Rachel and it was an unmitigated disaster. I ended up seven months pregnant, crying in my bathrobe, in the lobby of our hotel because it was that bad. The issue wasn't between my husband and I, it was everything else!

  3. Looks like a great vacation! I can't believe how big your niece and nephew are! And that n/a daiquiri sounds awesome!

    I'm not sure if I would take a babymoon. If I did, I think I'd go to a city like San Fransisco or some other area of California maybe? I like the idea of one last getaway before your life is forever changed by the arrival of the baby. I'm glad you guys got a chance to take this vacation!

    1. I know right, it's crazy how big they've gotten! In some ways it really doesn't feel like I've been blogging that long, but when I think about the fact that my nephew wasn't born when I started and how big he is now, it definitely puts it all in perspective.