Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Graze it Up

Yes it's that time again, it's my monthly graze box. I will say that so far nothing has been as good as my first box, but I'm still having fun with it.
My June Graze Box
After last month's mango chutney I was a little skeptical of trying the My Thai since it looked similar, but I actually rather enjoyed it. It's official description is a sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites.
My Thai
I thought the sauce had the perfect amount of spice, and while I liked the bites, they definitely tasted better with the sauce.
My Thai
Next was the Jalapeno Fiesta with an official description of jalapeno peanuts, roasted sunflower seeds, salsa mesquite almonds, and roasted pumpkin seeds.
Jalapeno Fiesta
Again this was enjoyable, but felt like something you could easily pick up at the grocery store at a lesser price.
Jalpeno Fiesta
Like last month, I did wind up with a flapjack. This time it was a summer berry flapjack described as a rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries.
Summer Berry Flapjack
I really do enjoy these especially since they don't really taste like another other granola bar out there.
Summer Berry Flapjack
Unfortunately I wasn't a huge fan or the dessert-y pick, chocolate pecan pie with chocolate fudge, chopped dates, and pecan nuts.
Chocolate Pecan Pie
While I did wind up eating pieces of everything, it wasn't really hitting the dessert craving I was going for, and buy the end I just wound up eating the fudge pieces.
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Overall I think it was only kind of an "ok" box. I actually didn't wind up rating a single thing as "Love." But I'm not quite ready to cancel, especially since you can't deny how fun it is to get things in the mail. Although I did push my next box back a month, so hopefully by the time it comes around it will be an awesome selection!

If you want to try out graze you can sign up here to get your 1st and 5th box free! This post is not sponsored by Graze, however if you sign up using my referral link I'll receive $1 off my next box. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I tried it - the snacs I got were ok, but I was limited to my selection b/c of my allergies. Oh well!

  2. The My Thai looks pretty yummy! I would like the chance to try out a few new snacks every month without having to commit to buying a whole container/bag/whatever of them.

    Also, have you thought about the fact that you might not be as into these right now because you are pregnant? :)

    1. I hadn't really, especially since I haven't really had any real food aversions. But I guess that's what could be going on. I might just have to make sure to keep subscribing until after the baby's here to see if I feel any differently at that point!

  3. I can see how getting these boxes would be fun, and I"d prefer this over the health & beauty ones as I don't like the clutter of lots of little sample size things. So getting something edible that is gone quickly is my kind of sampler. ;) That's too bad this box wasn't as good as your initial one!