Wednesday, July 16, 2014

18 & 19 Weeks Bumpdate

Since I was at the beach last week, I wasn't able to get in a weekly update. Have no fear though, I did manage a bump picture, and I'm back with 2 weeks worth of updates.
18 Weeks
18 Weeks
19 Weeks
19 Weeks
How Far Along: 18 weeks & 19 weeks

Size of the Baby: A bell pepper and an heirloom tomato

Maternity Clothes: In my last post I mentioned how only one pair of shorts fit me. Well, they no longer do. But we did hit up the outlets on vacation, and I found a pair of pregnancy shorts, which I'm wearing above, and will hopefully last me the rest of summer.

Nursery: The future nursery is still home a a variety of random furniture pieces. But we did manage to get rid of one item, so we have made some, albeit small, progress.

Stretch Marks: Thankfully, still none.

Sleep: I did nap quite a bit on vacation, but I feel like that's far more because of being on vacation mode than the baby.

Movement: Sadly, still none.

Cravings: Still nothing really.

Symptoms: After being gone a week when I got back to work everyone commented on how much I grew. I think part of that was more my absence, but I also did think I've really popped out in the past week or two.

What I Miss: Again still nothing really, especially since most days I really don't even feel like I'm pregnant.

Looking Forward To: Our next ultrasound, which is next week!
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  1. You look great! Glad you got to hit the beach and relax.

  2. I think you really did POP this week! Love it!

  3. You definitely popped in week 19! You look so cute!! And how exciting that you have an ultrasound to look forward to. Are you planning to find out the sex of the baby? I can't remember if you said you will or not...

  4. Yay! You definitely popped this week! I dont feel pregnant right now either, except for humidity being a little harder to deal with than usual! Everyone keeps asking how I am feeling and I am like I feel great!