Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roasted Polenta with Swiss Chard

About 2 years ago Frozen Thursday used to be an almost weekly feature on From L.A. to LA, where I'd review various frozen meals. I did one this past June, but they're still pretty rare. Unless of course I come across something new and interesting that I want to share... and that's what we're doing today!
Amy's Roasted Polenta with Swiss Chard
Amy's Roasted Polenta with Swiss Chard
I've honestly never seen a frozen meal like this before, which is why I was so excited to try it. And like normal Amy's didn't let me know. I was a little hesitant to eat frozen & microwaved swiss chard, but it turned out really good. (I do like chard in general, so I wasn't necessarily worried whether I would like chard, but more of it would taste like I'd expect.) The sauce which contained squash, tomatoes, and mushrooms was awesome.

My only complaint was really the polenta itself. That's not that it was bad, but more that it wasn't heated all throughout the middle. Amy's meals normally end up on the extra hot side, so for the last recommended 2-3 minutes, I went out 2:30. But I think with the extra time, it would have been almost picture.

And did I mention that somehow this is only 140 calories? It definitely didn't feel that small when I ate it, but with so few calories this has the potential to be a great snack.

I'd definitely buy this one again, although it still doesn't top my favorite Amy's lasagna. And no, this post was not sponsored. I just wanted to be able to remember this meal, and hopefully lead someone else to try it!


  1. I didn't even realize that it was a frozen meal for a minute!!

  2. Just had this meal for the first time. My directions said to heat it for six minutes! Much more than yours. But it's also almost two years later now. :) The first half of the time is at 50% power though. I'd been putting this box off until my last shift of the week as it did not look appealing, just got a bunch of Amy's Light and Lean as they were on sale. BLOWN AWAY. Spot on. I want that exact recipe for the red summer stew on top so I can recreate this at home! It's gotta be easy with some properly made chard and quick toasting some polenta. 140 calories still...WOW! Excellent and incredibly filling for such a low calorie meal. Truly sad I kept pushing this box to the back of my freezer for so long. I realize your post is old but it looks like your blog is still I figured I'd go ahead.