Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 14

Day 14 – Favourite book of your favorite writer
Last week I shared how Jean Plaidy was currently my favorite author, and this week as a follow-up it's my favorite book written by her.
To start with this, Mary, Queen of France, was the first book of his I ever read. I read it my junior year of college a few months before I left to study abroad in France. But interestingly enough considering the title, Mary is a princess of England and that's where a large portion of the book takes place. Mary was the youngest brother of King Henry VIII, and after her short marriage to the King of France ended with his death she betrayed her brother by marrying the one she was actually in love with. But while this book does have a found place in my heart since it introduced me to Jean Plaidy, it isn't my favorite.
That honor would go to The Loves of Charles II, which I read a few months later during my senior year of college. What I loved about it was that I had never read anything about King Charles II, and by the end I knew so much about his life and reign. Of course, the book is technically made up of 3 novels that were first published individually. That's actually a complaint by some, since it means parts of his life are told 3 times. But I think reading so much about him only gave me the opportunity to learn, and what I did learn about him made me fall a little bit in love. For instance did you know he fathered more children than any other English monarch, except none of them were legitimate? And the first time one of his direct descendants has the chance to reign will be with Prince William. (Diana was descended from one of his mistresses.) Since then I've read several other books that take place during Charles II's reign, but this one remains my favorite out of both those books and Plaidy's.

Have you ever hear of King Charles II's? Or what's your favorite book by your favorite author?

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  1. I need to read some books by that author! It is tough to pick a favorite author. It seems to change with time for me! I love Mitch Albom's books because I find them so inspiring, but when I was younger, my fave author was Anita Shreve and my fave book by her was "The Pilot's Wife". Now days, I am not sure who my fave author is! Tough decision!