Thursday, June 16, 2011

Frozen Thursday

Anyone around here remember my Frozen Thursdays? It's been about a year since I posted one and even longer since I posted them regularly. (So if you do remember them, props to you!) Back then I used to each frozen meals quite a bit (I have cut back since them, which is part of the reason why they aren't here anymore), and would post reviews so I could remember which ones I wasn't a big fan of and which ones to buy again. When I started doing it the blogger disclosure policies hadn't really been in force. But all of them (including this one) were of my own doing and no one ever contacted me asked me to review their product or supplied one for free. With that said let's have a little flashback
Kashi Spicy Black Bean Enchilada
Kashi Spicy Black Bean Enchilada
I was really excited to find since I believe I've had every other Kashi meal. I'm normally a little hesitant which enchiladas for fear they'll be too cheesy for me, but based on the picture on the box I figured I'd be safe. And thankfully, it wound up being the right decision.

To start with it definitely lives up to the spicy part of it's name. The pilaf was good, except that only thing I could really taste in it was the spice. The star of the meal was by far the actual enchilada. It honestly was really good. Inside the tortilla are black beans, roasted red peppers, roasted corn, spinach, and what I think made it all come together, red skinned potatoes.

It was really enjoyable and I would easily be willing to try this again. Although I think I'd enjoy it better if there were two enchiladas instead of the pilaf on the side.


  1. I do remember this!! This one looks good, I might have to try it.
    What do you mean by Blogger disclosure policies?

  2. You should start doing this again. I don't think I was a follower before but I would love to hear more about which frozen meals are worth it!