Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Other Mitzvah

I know I'm in the middle of planning my wedding, but I haven't actually been to many weddings. (Only 6 if I'm counting right.) But what I have been to are tons of B'nai Mitzvahs. How many you ask? Well there were about 30 members of my Hebrew School class and we we required to invite everyone. Plus I had several friends at different temples whose celebrations I went to. Not to mentions those for family members. If I had to guess it's at least around 50, but I wouldn't be surprised if the number is actually closer to 100.
At Zack's Bar Mitzvah
With my maid of honor at her younger brother's bar mitzvah
With that said is it really any surprise so much of my inspiration is coming from B'nai Mitzvahs instead of actual weddings. To start with I loved my Bat Mitzvah. Of course I know the real reason it occurred for for the ceremony (same with the wedding) but the parts that stand out in my memory is the actual reception.
Bat Mitzvah
From my Bat Mitzvah
Scan of a photo taken by Jessie Butler Photography
I remember slow dancing on the dance floor with my crush at the time, dance with my one of my now bridesmaids and screaming out the lyrics to "MmmBob" by Hanson. I remember feeling the need to divide my time and going from group to group of friends so I had time to say hi to everyone. I know we had a pasta buffet, but is it really a surprise that I don't remember eating that night? I'm sure I did, but as I'm sure we've heard how much do you really eat at your own reception.
At Josh's Bar Mitzvah
Again with my maid of honor at my brother's bar mitzvah
I do realize that not all aspects of my bat mitzvah are going to translate into a wedding. But over the next few weeks I hope to go over some aspects that will definitely make another appearance, and others that might not quite work at a wedding.

Are you taking any inspiration for your wedding from somewhere most people wouldn't consider to be traditional?


  1. Love the old pictures of you!! Can't believe you have been to close to 100 B'nai Mitzvahs, though. Wow!

    I wouldn't say I'm getting ideas for my wedding from other places but there are definitely a lot of ways I'm going non-traditional, like I want a non-traditional dress, we are doing a first look before the ceremony, we are likely doing cupcakes and a dessert table instead of a cake. I guess a lot of that stuff is starting to become "traditional" now-a-days at weddings though!

  2. I've probably been to that many too - maybe even more, factor in a fair number of cousins and relatives, my class and those in grades older and younger than I was (I went to a jewish day school) it was non stop weekend after weekend!

    Love the old pics and your talit was gorgeous!

  3. Those were always to best to attend as a kid! Did you have a favor you gave away? I think I got about 7 tshirts one year lol. I love those old photos!