Monday, January 25, 2010

Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints!

In case your not really a football fan, the Saints are going to the Superbowl. If I'm honest the "not a football fan" would have been me until fairly recently. The boy had already succeed in converting me to an LSU football fan (as well as baseball, as well as any other LSU sport). Now I think its pretty safe to say that he's officially converted me to a Saints fan as well.

Louisiana has pretty much gone crazy since this is the first year the Saints have ever been to the Superbowl. Definitely after the game last night there were lots of firecrackers going off in the neighborhood. And this was just in Baton Rouge. I'm sure you can only imagine what New Orleans was like.

Something else fun, is all the songs the radio has been playing. Last week they mentioned Prince had written a song for the Vikings, and that there was one Vikings song. Well as the DJ announced, they could probably play 24 hours of only Saints songs and not repeat any. I figured it be fun, for everyone not in Louisiana to here some of the songs they've been playing. At least these are my two favorites that I've heard.

Party in the MIA

Super Bowl Mambo

I hope everyone enjoys the songs, and everyone is rooting for the Saints this weekend. After all, even Peyton Manning probably wants the Saints to win since he grew up watching his dad, Archie Manning, play football as the Saints quarterback.



  1. you are right... they could play saints songs all day and never have a repeat. Some of my favorites are Halftime by Ying Yang Twins, Do whatcha want by the dirty dozen brass band and of course "when the saints go marching in!"

    I'm so happy today I can barely contain myself! that was one hell of a game!!!

  2. WHO DAT!!!

    Because my Packers aren't going to the Superbowl, because Ryan's family is from Louisiana and because I love seeing Brett Favre get knocked on his ass I am SO rooting for the Saints!!

  3. Oh-M-Gee

    New Orleans was crazy after the game. I couldn't park my car at J's apartment which is near the superdome because people were still going nuts.


  4. Love the Party in the USA remix. I don't care too much about football and I probably won't watch the game but since my fam is from LA... Go Saints!

  5. I love football, but since my Eagles never get past Wild Card (or if they do they choke)I'm rooting for the Saints this year! My dad has loved the Saints since the 70's when they were horrible. He always said "one day... you'll see, my saints will go marching in". Guess he was right.

  6. All I know about football/superbowl is that that is the one time a year I eat wings. and I took a picture of the superbowl sign in Fort Lauderdale. lol!!