Friday, January 15, 2010

The Home Tour

I'm taking a break from striping wallpaper tonight. I've been at it all week long, and will be this weekend as well. So instead, on the house related front I'd figured I'd give you all a little tour!
Living Room
You enter into the living room, which does include a real wood burning fireplace.
Living Room
From the living room you can look into the dining room.
Dining Room

Although it's really more of a dining area.
On the right side of the room is the kitchen,
Laundry Room
and to the left is the laundry area.
Both Pantry
On the other side of the kitchen are the two pantries, and the hall to the bedrooms.
Guest Bathroom
Going right down the hallway on your right side is the guest bathroom,
Future Guest Bedroom
which is next to the future guest room.
Future Office/ Library
Then there's the second guest bedroom, which will most likely turn into an office/library. (After all, what's a house without a library?)
Master Bedroom
Then finally there's the master bedroom
Master Bathroom
and the master bathroom. And that's only the inside! I still have the outside to show you all, which has fruit tress. Although I might wait until it starts getting a little warmed before I go outside to take pictures.

As I've mentioned earlier we've already made some changes to some of the wallpapers, as well as a few other things. Although there's a lot still today, some of which can wait till after we move. I mean I can't say I have a large desire to keep the trout on my toilet seat!

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions as to what you would change is this was yours And I'm curious to hear what all you think we've already changed!



  1. Check out for some awesome DIY tips!!

  2. What a great space - I love the floors & the real wood burning fireplace! It will be so fun to make it your own space by painting, etc.

    I am honestly the worst at interior decorating, though. I can make big decisions like buying a house, but can't seem to decide on paint colors! I get so overwhelmed, so my best friend just picks them out for me. Then she takes me shopping & picks out stuff to accessorize my house with. She enjoys it so it works well for both of us!!

  3. I think it's AWESOME! I am so happy for you guys. I guess my only decorating tip would be to maybe paint the rooms similar colours? I dunno, it's my style to have ALL neutral walls and then a few accent walls here and there throughout the house and maybe some funky/bright artwork on the walls!

    I LOVE that you have a fireplace. That's something I want in my future home one day!

  4. I love the hardwood floors in the living room! It looks like it's a great place! I'm not for sure what color carpet that is, either brown or a dark red but I personally could deal with such dark carpet. I'd get ride a trout on the toilet too lol

  5. Here's the order I would tackle things in your house.

    1. Wallpaper comes down. Only replace it if you find something truly awesome and young.

    2. Paint all of the rooms that bother you. I personally enjoy color in a house but in muted tones. When I see all neutral walls I think rental.

    3. Window treatments. Even a simple curtain can make a huge difference in a room. Also, curtains are really easy to make yourself.

    After that I would take some time to see what you can live with and what you absolutely can't. If the countertops drive you nuts then work on saving for new countertops. If it ends up being the carpet, then save for new carpet or hardwood. If you find you want to overhaul several of rooms, save for them one at a time and tackle them all at once start to finish. If you don't do it that way, you'll end up with a ton of unfinished projects (My parents house is a perfect case study for this)

    The house really has alot of potential! I look forward to seeing the changes you make!!

  6. awww, I am so excited for you. And suggestions? Oh gosh. After all, I am an architectural design major... and I was in an interior design program for 2 years. Let me think on it. ;)

  7. Gorgeous!!! This house has so much potential (and I'm so glad to hear there are FRUIT TREES in the background!!!).

    I can't wait to see what you do with the space! And a library = super awesome!

  8. thanks for the tour! I agree with the other commenters, this house looks like it has tons of potential! though I have never owned a home and you can't do much in apartments, I get a lot of my ideas from HGTV! :)

    I think the biggest change you can make is painting the walls. I'm a bright colors kind of gal, but warm neutrals look nice if you're more low key. I think the color in the dining room looks nice already. I think your living room would look amazing with some paint on the walls that will make that fireplace pop! you could maybe even paint your fireplace white for a more modern look...

    anyway, I can't wait to see what you do with your new place!! so exciting!

  9. I love your house!!! It's gorgeous! Especially those wood floors, love wood floors!

    Painting will make a huge difference! What colors are you thinking of??

  10. I LOVE IT. I've become obsessed with HGTV so I am even more excited to see what you do with your house!

  11. Hey Girl, I've been M.I.A. from blogland lately. I'm catching up.

    This is a GREAT house. Totally agree with your choice to remove the wallpaper. I love the blue paint color y'all picked for the kitchen. The hardwood floor in the living room is so pretty!