Monday, January 11, 2010

Historical Historical Fiction

A Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter by Alice Turner Curtis
This was actually a Hanukkah present from my mom, and it wound up being a perfect idea. The book is a historical fiction book about a little Yankee girl living in South Carolina just before the start of the Civil War, which is one of the time periods I enjoy reading about. Except the book was actually published in the 1920s!

According to the cover the book was published for girls between the ages of 7-12. And while the story itself is easy enough for a girl that age to understand, the writing is a little more complicated. Its funny to think what type of reading was expected almost 20 years ago versus now. Also there's in a few things in the book not quite politically corrects. Thing that you would never expect to see in a books written for girls today.

One thing I found amusing was that in the first few pages of the book it thanked the woman who donated her copy of the book for reproduction. When means that if some small girl hadn't love the book and kept it, then who knows if we would ever be able to see it today. Probably the publishing company discarded their material, but due to this one girl (now woman) there were still able to republish this.

I do think its a really cute book, especially if you're somewhat curious as to what children books were like back in the 1920s. Since my mom bought this as a present I'm not sure how easy this is to find, especially considering it looks like I'm the first person to have read this on But if you happen to find it, I'd say it's worth a look.



  1. Looks like something I would enjoy reading. I have recently starting re-reading books that I loved as a young reader. It's weird reading it from a completely different perspective.
    Also, CONGRATS on your house! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. sounds like a cute, fun book! I think it would be interesting to read a book published in the 1920s... I'm sure it has little sayings or phrases in there that we never use!