Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where Did You Go

Yes, myself and my computer have returned. Where did we go, you ask? Well remember when exactly 2 months ago I wrote about how my computer needed to be reformatted. Well turns out that didn't quite fix the problem...

This past Sunday I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer to start the day. Except I couldn't get windows to load. I couldn't get to windows through safe mode. It tried to scan my computer first and froze one and produced an unspecified error a different time. But I did finally get to windows, only to have 3 error messages pop up. Giving up at trying I my own I decided to call India, aka Dell Support. I was told based on the error message it had something to do with my video driver, and absolutely nothing to do with my prior problem. Once we got to the Internet via windows he would be able to save my computer.

But after several unsuccessful attempts of loading windows, an unsuccessful attempted at a reformat, 3 hours of being on the actual phone, 3 unsuccessful attempts to reinstall windows, and about 12 hours total... the guy in India said they would send a new hard drive next day delivery. Except this was now 8pm on a Saturday. They couldn't mail Sunday. Monday was Memorial Day. But they were able to mail my new hard drive yesterday.

So my computer officially has a new hard drive. Let's home I can go more than 2 months without my computer dying this time.

My regularly scheduled posts will return tomorrow. For now I'm attempting to catch up on my google reader, which has less than 100 posts. Only a mere 98.



  1. Glad to have you back!!! I was wondering where you took off to! ;)

    Btw, I finished Prep and LOVED it! :)

  2. My computer's been crapping out lately too! Sometimes the screen will just fuzz out and it will be SUPER SLOW! I hope that I don't have to replace the hardrive though :S

    98 posts is A LOT! The most mine has ever gotten too is 75 and that felt OVERWHELMING. I'm a little nervous what it's going to be like when I go to that resort in June where there is no internet!

  3. oh no I hate computer problems!! my last laptop had issues that I never quite figured out. it would just die sometimes. and then my puppy officially killed it (she jumped on me and made me spill my cereal on the keyboard. yes, I blame it completely on her! no fault of mine whatsoever ;)

    I hope your computer lasts a bit longer (that's what I say about my car) glad to have you back!

  4. It seems as if everyone is having a problem with their hard drive!

    And did you end up paying for the new one?

    I'm glad all is fixed, and we can read more about food, reviews, and the like!

  5. Welcome back! Computer problems drive me crazy. I'm so lost without my computer. Glad you're up and running again.

  6. What's this google reader thing??? Everybody's talking about that. I'm still clueless.

    Anyways, you have NO IDEA how many posts I had to catch up on. A whole hell of a lot!!! Thankfully, it's something fun to do :)