Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mommy Blogging

One Sunday when I gave my review of Rattled, I mentioned that Storked! was the first blog I started reading. But I didn't quite explain how I went from reading to to writing my own, so I figured a little explanation was necessary.

Most of the blogs I started reading after Chrissy's were due to her recommendations. There was Matt, Liz, and Madeline, which is the blog of Matt whose wife Liz gave birth to their daughter Madeline and died the next time. It's really a record of how he's survived this year, and almost a time capsule for Madeline to remember her mother when she's older.

Chrissy also lead me to the blogs at Babble. I read most of the blog there, but some of my favorites there are Baby Squared written by a mother raising twins (feeding into my multiple birth fascination) and Love is Blind written by a mother raising her blind toddler.

I also started reading the personal site of one of the Babble bloggers, Rebecca Woolf at Girl's Gone Child. Rebecca, like Chrissy wound up having an unexpected pregnancy in her early 20s. Almost four years later she's now raising two children (Archer and Fable, pretty much the best names ever) in Los Angeles.

Yes, you might have noticed these are all so-called "Mommy Blogs". Considering I stumbled onto them through Chrissy, who is a mother herself, it made sense that this was what she was recommending. And even though I'm not currently a mother, a small part of me wants to be. Of course the rational thinking part knows that this will still be a few years away, but by reading mommy blogs I'm still able to have my baby fix.

Also since I was really only reading mommy blogs, I couldn't see myself writing anything but a Mommy Blog. If you look at my back entries you'll see I did start this blog back in 2007 (when I started reading blogs), but was rarely if ever writing in it. It was watching a Momversation episode that changed my mind.

I started watching Momversation since Rebacca posted episodes she was interview in on Girl's Gone Child. The episode that changed my mind was about what a blogger will choose to write about. Also on that episode was Heather Armstrong of dooce.com. I had heard of dooce (if you're blogging, who hasn't?), but hasn't taken the time to really go to her site. Heather said in that video that she had been blogging since before she had children and before her marriage, back when she was a single girl living in Los Angeles. I figured if she could blog about her un-married, un-child life than I could too! Hence, From L.A. to LA was born, before that I was just calling it, Shoshanah's Blog, not too original. And if you're curious to go back and read my first few "real" entries. They start on December 20, 2008

Now that I've shared my story, I want to hear yours! What made you start blogging? I'm sure there's a wide range of inspirations out there!



  1. Great post!! I love your title btw, it's so original that I would have moved from L.A. to LA just for that :P

    I started writing my blog to lose weight and live healthier. I felt that if I shared it with the world it would make me accountable, and it has helped SO MUCH! :)

  2. I got started by reading Margarita and Chrissy's blog on glamour.com. Then I started coming across a few other blogspot blogs and eventually started my own.

    I originally started it as a way to practice writing everyday. But I was soon addicted to blogging and the amazing community that comes with it!

  3. I started reading nienie's blog, then found a million others from there. Thennn decided I wanted to start my own, and it's pretty new, only about a month or so.