Monday, May 4, 2009

Ghosts of Wolverine

Yes, I am sure you are all chuckles about my title. Combining the two movies into one phrase. Just be happy I didn't see Battle for Terra too (not that there's really anyone out there who did).

I know you're expecting this to be the boy's pick, but no. Although it wasn't mine either. We have a pact that we'll go see blockbuster movies and that they don't count as anyone's pick. It's really the only fair way to do it, since we both want to see most of the blockbusters that come out.

Unfortunatly, while I can agree that this was a blockbuster, I still wouldn't have picked it on my own. When the very first X-men movie came out I did want to see it, but never did. Then when the sequels came out I never saw them since I hadn't seen the first. Luckily for me, this was actually a prequel so I wasn't missing any major plot points. I did of course wind up confused at some points, but over all managed to figure it out. Really, I wasn't expecting such a sad ending. I'm sure if you've seen the X-men movies parts of the end wouldn't be such a shock, but to me it was. Also if you are going, be sure to stay till the very end of the credits!

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
This was of course my pick. Overall a nice, cheesy romantic comedy. It had its tender moments and it had its funny moments, but wasn't overly memorable. You all no where the story's from and it really didn't deviate to far from there.

In terms of the acting I do like Jennifer Garner and Matthew Mcconaughey, but the real actress I wanted to see in this was Lacey Chabert. She is probably one of my all time favorite actress from back in the day when she was on Party of Five (still my favorite TV show). I thought she did really great as the bride in the movie. Definitely the highlight for me. A bit of a side note, during the movie the boy wanted to know what else Lacey had been in. I started listed them out, "Party of Five, Not Another Teen Movie,Mean Girls,..." Finally I said, "Lost in Space." Sure enough that was what he recognized her from. Seriously? Out of everything she's been in you only recognize her from Lost in Space? (And did I mention Lacey is also from Louisiana?)

Anyways I did enjoy both of the movies. (You might have noticed by now a movie has to be REALLY bad for me not to enjoy it.) But as much as this may surprise you, if I were telling you to pick between the two, I'd say go with Wolverine.



  1. Yeah, I couldn't tell if either one of these would be worth going to see. I think I'm holding out till the Proposal comes out next month lol

  2. I saw Wolverine last night with my sister (we're huge X-Men fans) and I loved it!

    But really though, how can you go wrong with a movie in which Hugh Jackman is half naked?!

  3. I'm a huge X-men fan and can't wait to see it. I watched the first X-men over and over again when it came out, I was in love with Hugh Jackman!!

  4. Glad to hear "Girlfriends" was good, I've been thinking about seeing it.

    Also, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed "The Host", I've been contemplating whether I should read it or not. I bet it will be good, Stephenie is one talented woman! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always love reading everyone's comments

  5. I'm the same as you, I typically enjoy any movie unless it really sucks :) For some reason though I don't think I'll go see Ghosts of girlfriends past...It just seems like that story has been rehashed a bit too much (even though I love jennifer garner :)