Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Studying Abroad

No I am not going to be studying abroad, I wish! But it feels like everyone one of my facebook friends is! A lot of this is due to the college I went to. See the year after I graduated they started required every incoming freshman to study abroad while in school. It didn't necessarily have to be a semester long. They do offer a what seems like a million "3 week intensive study abroad" courses. When I was there they had things like, "Dance in England," "Social Justice in India," "Glass blowing in Romania," (Yes, I went to quite a hippy college.) And while I didn't actually go to school with any member of the class of 2012 (aka the first class that had the requirement), I am facebook friends with a few of them. Of which I currently have one friend in Australia, one in Greece, and one Spain.

Probably my biggest regret about college is not spending a semester abroad. I did do a 3 week intensive study abroad course in France for 3 weeks after my Jr. year (that's where the picture of me and the Eiffel Tower is from), but 3 weeks is not nearly the same as 3 months. I know how much my French improved during those 3 weeks, and maybe if I was there for longer I would still be able to speak some of it!

I feel like know, especially since I'm working, that I've almost missed my chance to live abroad. Or even travel abroad, it's hard going from having the summer off to only two weeks of vacation time. At least though I made the most of my last year in grad school.
Myself outside the temple
Here's me standing in front of a temple in Japan in March 2008
Myself in front of Jerusalem
And here's me with Jerusalem in the background in June 2008

But what about you? Has anybody actually spent a semester abroad? I'm so jealous! Or planning on studying abroad soon?



  1. its interesting that you say you regret not studying abroad. Some one else at Syracuse said the same thing. I dont know if I could go so far away from home.

    oh by the way the calcium bears are from whole foods. I forget the brand though, i think its Yummi.

  2. Oh wow you've done a lot of travelling. I've toyed with the idea of studying abroad, I think it would be a wonderful experience but don't know if I'm up for leaving home and my boyfriend for four whole months.

    That's pretty cool your old school requires students do study abroad though.