Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I finally went out and saw Confession of a Shopaholic. Having loved the books I was a little wary of the movie. But after seeing the previews, and reading all the reviews, and hearing complaints... I knew it wasn't going to be exactly like the book. Knowing that going in, I actually wound up liking it.

First off I though Isla Fisher did really well at capturing the essence of Becky. Yes, she wasn't British. But for an American Becky it really worked. I remember there was a scene early in the movie where she talks herself into buying something, and I just though, "That's her!" Just overall she really got Becky and I can't picture another actress capturing her so well.

But the fact that Becky wasn't British and it wasn't in London weren't even close to the only differences. And some of these details bothered me. Specifically that Becky goes to work for Luke at Successful Savings. The book starts out with Becky at SS and Luke is most definitely not her boss. Giving them that type of relationship just seemed kind of odd.

Speaking of Luke, I didn't really feel that much chemistry between Becky and Luke. But then again, I don't really feel like they have a lot of chemistry in the book. I don't think that was ever the author's intent, but that's just how I saw it.

Thankfully, there were a lot of small details that did make it into the movie. Like Becky "waitressing" at a cocktail party and being told to just "set it down." Yes in the book it was Luke's mother and in the movie it was some guy from the Magazine, but it still fit. Also at the start when Becky thinks her card was stolen because there was a purchase at a weird store. In both of them, it was because she bought a co-workers present. Even the dancing bit, while it wasn't really from the book, it still reminded me of the dancing bit from Shopaholic and Baby.

I though Leslie Bibb was pretty much perfect for Alicia. Sure they changed the basics about her character, but overall it was the same person. I don't know who else remembers this, but Leslie Bibb was on the WB show Popular back in the day. I really like that show, and I'm glad to see she's still working.

Overall though I enjoyed it. As long as your not expecting to see the movie onscreen you probably would too. (And there have been far worse book to movie adaptions. Anyone ever see The Golden Compass) If they ever made a sequel I would totally go see it. Especially because it would probably follow Shopaholic ties the Knot, and I love wedding. But it hasn't been doing very well in the theater, so that probably won't be happening. But you never know...


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  1. im jealous you got to see this movie
    none of my friends will go with me
    they think its for 5 year olds :\

  2. Yeah, I manage to drag the boy to see it with me. Not very easy. It's funny though, there were a good amount of younger girls in the theater, and I was surprised. I don't realize they were marketing the movie so much to the tween market. But I guess it was by Disney.

  3. Looking back I might have been a little harsh with my review of the movie. I just had such high hopes for it..

    It was the small details that they left out that disappointed me the most. Like Luke being the editor at Successful Savings and not already owning his company. I also didn't feel much chemistry between Becky and Luke.

    Doesn't Isla Fisher have an accent?? They should have let her talk normally if she does...