Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sims 3?

I had a plan all ready for Saturday. I was going to wake up, spend some time internet-ing. Then meet the Boy on his lunch break. We could go to Chick-fil-a (which I've been craving for like the past month and haven't had). After lunch I would go to Target and see an eye dr there to get a new contacts prescription. I would pick up groceries at Target, but Target's in Louisiana have grocery stores inside.

But most importantly on Saturday, I would buy the Sims 3!

So I decided to go to the Sims 3 web page today. I figured with out coming out tomorrow they would have new videos or screenshots or something. What do I find instead


Posted on February 3, it's a press release saying the Sims 3 release date is June 2. But that doesn't make sense! Was I crazy? Did I really screw up the release date that much. I mean I told the boy to buy it for me for Valentine's day!

After a little research I found out that I wasn't at least crazy. It was supposed to be tomorrow. But February 3, less than 3 weeks before the release date, they pushed it back 4 months. They claim it was so the could create more marketing. B.S. Remember how I said the economy hasn't affected me. Well I guess now it has.

I actually stopped playing the Sims 2 about a month ago to create suspense for the new game. When best buy was liquidating I didn't buying expansion packs at 40% off because I wasn't playing it anymore. So now do I start playing again? Do I wait an extra 4 months before playing Sims again? Either way the whole situation sucks a lot.


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  1. Sims 3? already?
    i still love the Sims 2 and thought they couldn't update that anymore! hm!