Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sammy's House

So I finished reading Sammy's House last night by Kristin Gore. Yes, Gore of Al Gore's daughter. I really liked it, much more than the first book Sammy's Hill. So much of Sammy's Hill was developing the character. And since who already knew Sammy by the second book there was no need to really go into her neuroses. Yes, there was still there, but they weren't as in our face. More of able to be in the background.

Being who the author is, you know a good part of it is fact based. I mean Kristin was in her early 20s when her father was vice president and Sammy is a white house staffer working for the Vice President in her early 20s. So while it isn't remotely autobiographical it is still real life based.

One interesting thought, that is hard not to think about after reading this is how the whole Clinton scandal might have affected Al Gore. Much of this book deal with how the vice president deals with the president's scandal. There's no Monica here, but still a scandal. Being that the outcomes of the two scandals are so different it makes you wonder... is this how Kristin Gore wanted this Clinton scandal to play out? How Al Gore wanted it to play out? Or more likely is it all just her imagination.

I would definitely recommend this book. Or at least start out by reading Sammy's Hill first.


The picture above is from Amamzon. And just for fun, here are Kristin's parents. Al and Tipper.
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  1. Well then I am glad I'm not alone! Makes me feel less stupid:P

  2. I never thought about how Clinton's scandal hurt Al Gore.. thats a good question!