Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest for Dinner

I know we're all guilty about pinning food on pinterest in hopes of someday making it. Take for example these meatballs from the pioneer woman...

I pinned these 39 weeks ago, which means almost an entire pregnancy. But after almost a year I did finally manage to actually make. I do have the Ree's cookbook as well, so maybe it wasn't completely pinspired, but I still pinned it so it counts. I'm not going to post the recipe here since it's attached to the pin, but I will at least post the photos I took making it to give you a visual.
Pioneer Woman Meatballs
As for any variations, I did use the full amount of oats, mainly because I was skeptical of adding them at all. Also because I had old-fashioned oats, and the recipe called for quick oats, and I was scared it was going to be an AWFUL substitution. But you really couldn't taste them at all, and it basically takes the place of breadcrumbs in a normal meatball, so next time I'd probably add them all.

Now since meatballs by themselves don't quite make a meal, I decided to go back to my pinboard for these pesto filled mushrooms (pinned a mere 12 weeks ago).

These are so easy you don't really need a step-by-step but here it all is together on the plate.
As for a final verdict, I loved the meatballs and would gladly make them again. (Good thing too because we still have a ton of leftovers.) But I wasn't as big of a fan of the mushrooms. To be fair I didn't use our normal pesto, but that's because they either stopped making it or our store stopped carrying it, so I had to find a substitute. The pesto itself wasn't bad, but I think there was just too much pesto in a single bite. I think they would have been better with less pesto, and maybe one that's a little less liquid-y, or maybe just more bread crumbs. But they definitely have potential.

How often do you ever make things you wind up pinning? And is it crazy to anyone else that we've been pinning stuff for almost a year? I feel like I just started using pinterest!


  1. I've pinned her meatballs too but haven't made them. I've started referring to my pins first when looking for a recipe so I actually make something I pinned.

  2. I've made several things that I've pinned actually, one of them being earlier this week!

    I should try this. They look so good, and I love her recipes!