Monday, July 26, 2010

Would You Like Salt With That?

The first time I saw a preview for the movie I was a little disappointed that it seemed to give away the plot completely for this movie. Luckily I found that not to be the case. Salt tells the story of Evelyn Salt a CIA agent who may, or may not, be a Russian spy.

I wasn't really looking forward to seeing the movie, so in a way it did exceed my expectations. The movies was filled was twists and turns, whenever it seemed we had finally figured out the truth something else would change a few scenes later. But even with all these plot twists the movie was still fairly easy to follow.

There are a lot of good action scenes and chase scenes, and overall it really wasn't as bad as I predicted. It's a fun movie that has its moments. You could definitely do worse than this movie, but on the other hand it isn't anywhere near the best movie currently in theaters.



  1. The boy and I went and saw it today and he liked it but I was disappointed. I thought some of the action was good but I was kinda disappointed in it. I am however looking forward to this weekends opening of dinner with schmucks.

  2. Thank you so much for this review! Sean and I want to see this and now I feel like a know more what to expect.