Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baking Break

For whatever reason lately I've been wanting to bake something. I liked the idea of making some type of bread, but the idea of using yeast scares me a little. So I decided to go the easy way and make a box mix. The original plan was to go with banana bread, but after the boy voiced his opinion I changed it up to blueberry bread.
Ready to Eat!
The directions are quite simple when you're following a box and started with draining and rinsing the wild blueberries provided. (I'm not quite sure what makes these wild blueberries, but if I had to guess its mainly a marketing ploy.)
I then added water and oil to the mix and got ready to add an egg.
Mix with Oil & Water
When I realized we didn't have a single egg in the refrigerator. I had only assumed that we did since we almost always have eggs in the house, but this time we were out. I did a little research on-line and discover there were a few things that could be substituted for eggs, the easiest (which we had in the house) would be milk. But I called the boy up at work to ask his advice, or if I'm being completely honest it was more to complain about the situation. After talking to him I did the normal thing, turned off the oven and headed to the grocery store to pick up a carton of eggs. Several minutes later I was back and able to add an egg to the mix!
With an Egg
Once mixed I gently folded in the blueberries and we were ready to headed to the preheated (for the second time) oven.
Betty Crocker Blueberry Bread
After baking for about 30 minutes and cooling for more we officially had bread. As for the taste, it wasn't amazing, after all its just a box mix. But there's still something about eating baked goods warm from the oven.
Out of the Oven
Have you ever started cooking something when you realized halfway through you were missing a vital ingredient? And I'd love to hear your suggestions for some good (and easy) bread recipes!



  1. Pick up James Beard's "Beard on Breads". The book is awesome, the bread is delish and the recipes build upon each other so that you can choose to learn more and move onto new recipes or perfect the first few recipes. He talks about yeast, proofing and lots of other stuff in a non scary manner.

    Also, did I mention the bread is delish and makes your house smell amazing??


  2. Yum, blueberry bread! I love bread, and have been obsessing over blueberries this month.
    I agree with the above comment: baking with blueberries produces the most amazing scent!

  3. I'd like to try this but with blackberries instead of blueberries

  4. I always forget to preheat the oven!