Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Recap on the 5th

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July with lots of fun and of course, lots of food. At least that's how ours turned out.

The boy used our smoker to smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork.
Pulled Pork
Whereas I contributed a few side dishes. I went with bruschetta, as well as a few slices with store bought olive tapenade and feta.
And also made a potato salad.
Potato Salad
For dessert I went with some lemon bars. I realize this isn't quite the traditional berry dish, but for whatever reason I've been craving lemon bars lately. I found the recipe online, and they were ridiculously easy to make as well as ridiculously delicious.
Lemon Bars
After we ate all the food we even had time to light off some fireworks over at the boy's parents' house.
Bottle Rocket
It wound up being a nice relaxing day overall, and I hope yours was as well!



  1. yum that all looks so good. I want some lemon bars now!

  2. Oh that bruschetta looks AWESOME!!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend :)