Friday, February 27, 2015

Getting Together With Your Baby

The First Six Months by Penelope Leach
: February 12, 1987 by Knopf
When I went through my old children's books sorting the ones I wanted to keep, we also found my mom's old parenting books. Without my mom here, I thought that reading some of the books she must have read when raising me could a way of getting parenting advice from her. Although technically this book was published after I was born, but just before my brother's, so I'm guessing he was the reason she read this one. This is the first of her books I've read, although technically she also had a copy of Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, which I had already purchased and read on my own.

Except I didn't quite connect with this one. I think I went into it looking for more practical advice, and instead it was more of an emotional read. Even so there were a few helpful tips I picked up. I also really enjoyed the overall sentiment of the book, mainly that you can receive advice and hear what the experts have to say, but you are the only one who is actually an expert on your own unique, individual baby. It's definitely a confidence builder.

I also really loved the format of the book. Every other page or so there are these full size black and photo photos of babies. And actually those photos were probably my favorite part of reading it.

I was a little disappointed that I did quite feel for this book. My mom does have another Penelope Leach book, her more known Your Baby and Child, which I'd still like to read. Funny enough, I hadn't heard of Penelope Leach before I saw my mom's books, but as I've started to read other baby-rearing books I've noticed her mentioned several times. Hopefully the next book of her I read I'll appreciate her the way others seem to.


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  1. I think parenting/baby books are so personal in terms of whether or not people like them. It's too bad that this one didn't live up to your expectations.