Thursday, January 8, 2009

The King of Smoothies

So I went to Smoothie King on my lunch break today (part of my New Year's resolution to lose weight by eating less crap). Almost every time I go to Smoothie King there is maybe 1 person there, maybe. There was a case when I went on a Saturday and there was a family of 5 there. I want to say there were 3 employees working then, so all in all did not take that long at all. But that was probably my longest weight there, until today...

First as I'm parking I see a guy walk inside and immediately walk out. I heard him say something to the person in his car that there was a long line, and people waiting all on the sides. So as I walk in there's an older woman walking out. I held the door open for her since she was carrying about 8 smoothies. Yes, there was the problem right there...

I walk into the store and there's 4 people in line waiting to order smoothies and 4 people waiting for the smoothies they've already ordered. And there was one person working, all by him lonesome. What must have happened is that lady came in and ordered her 8 smoothies. And people still came in while he had to make all 8 smoothies, so things were a little backed up.

He would like take 3 people's orders, then put two smoothies in the blenders, take out a smoothie that had finished blending, charge someone, take out another smoothie that had finished, and then have to go back to the line to take orders. And since he was so backed up, people kept coming in and the line never got shorter! Obviously it must have at some point, but I have no idea how long the guy was going crazy like that.

Here's the worst part about it though. What looked like the health inspector was there too! When I first got that it looked like the employee was talking to the health inspector and was simultaneously on the phone with his manager. He then gave his cell to the health inspector, so I'm guessing she could talk to the manager. Then of course later on see was back behind the counter, pulling things out from under the sink, running the water (maybe to see how hot it could get?). It was completely ridiculous. I think I got back to work with only 4 minutes left of my hour, when going to smoothie king normally takes only 20 minutes!

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