Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WordPress Woes

I may not have my blog hosted on WordPress, but a lot of my blogging friends do, so I have my fair share of interaction on WordPress blogs. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to comment on their blogs lately. It feels like it's been months, but in all likelihood it's probably only been a few days. I type of my comment and hit submit, and it doesn't show up and no notification of what happened even appears. I started even copying my comment, except then I'd resubmit it, and this time I'd receive an error saying I'd already said that. I even started waiting a few days to see if it magically appeared after the fact, and still no luck.

I did post a shout out on twitter, hopping this was a common problem that everyone was happening or hoping someone had a solution. Tamar tweeted me back saying she was having similar issues, but I still had no solution.

I tried googling a solution, and still no luck. Then several days later, I tried a new search and this time landed on this post on Reflections in a Puddle. It seems someone she had been having similar issues and on her blog post asking for help was recommended to check out askismet.
Askismet is a spam filtering website, from the creators of WordPress and I'm assuming is the default way of filtering spam. It seems like I had been caught up in their spam filter. Maybe I comment too much? But I can't quite believe that. Although I'm sure re-posting the same comment over and over in an attempt to get it to show up, didn't help matters.

I've posted a comment to their support saying I thought I was having my comments cached, and within a few hours had an e-mail apology and was able to comment again. So if you have a WordPress blog, expect to see me around more! And if you happen to check your spam folder, I'd imagine you'll have quite a few duplicate comments from me.

Has anyone else dealt with commenting issues either on WordPress or a different site?

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