Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Movie Review

This is the End
This movie was full of ridiculously and over-the-top-ness, and I'm not quite sure it was a good thing. It felt similar to being around a group of friends, and they keep talking about their inside jokes. And since you aren't actually friends with them all you laugh, but don't find it nearly as amusing as those in the inside circle.

There were a ton of cameos though, with the ones by Emma Watson, Rihanna, and Michael Cera being the most noticeable. Although for me the top cameo was the one at the very end featuring none other than the Backstreet Boys.

Yes, not really a surprise that this was my favorite, considering my obsession with them. But still, in my opinion their two minute cameo made the entire movie worth it, and one that I'd probably want to own if only so I can watch those few minutes over and over again.


  1. I'd like to see this one. It looks funny and I hear the cameos are pretty funny.

    1. Some of the cameos are pretty ridiculous, and in some of the scenes there's so many celebrities that I'm sure I missed noticing at least one or two.

  2. I really wanted to see this one! Glad you enjoyed the BSB cameo ;)

  3. I keep hearing mixed things about this from friends. I'm not a huge Franco fan so I might wait till dvd. Glad you liked it!