Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Jack the Giant Slayer
This one was actually a lot of fun. Yes, I realize fairy tale retellings have been a thing lately. But I think they make sense. It's fun to take a story you know, and turn it into something more. (Although we didn't see the Hansel & Gretel movie, but I didn't enjoy both Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman last year.)

In a way this movie reminded me of a cheesy medieval movie similar to A Knight's Tale or Ever After. No they aren't historically accurate, but it's a fun interpretation of history. And while in a lot of cases I'd rather see a more historical movie, ever once in a while these are fun.

I do think watching this movie is a great way to spend afternoon. Although unless you're like us and see most movies in the theaters, this one could probably wait. I do have a feeling though, this is one you'll be seeing over and over as it plays on ABC Family (or the like) again and again.

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