Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's Christmastime Again

After spending Christmas Eve at the bonfires, we woke up Christmas morning with a good amount of cooking to do. After opening one present each from each other, and a cup of eggnog flavored coffee, we got to work. The boy made truffle gouda mac & cheese (which I tried even though I'm not an mac & cheese fan, and thought it was pretty enjoyable).
I made lemon bars and Louisiana Bride's rosemarry & lemon green beans. I did think they could use a little less butter and a little less lemon. Although in general I'm not a huge melted butter fan, and I did use a giant lemon. We did use the lemons from our backyard, which were fun to finally make use of.
With the food packed up we headed over to the boy's sisters house for presents. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, at least I'll do my best to!
With his "one" present from my in-laws (or better know as his grandparents)
With her box of presents
Getting the boy's help opening
It's a Sewing Machine!
With her new sewing machine
Playing with his pirate ship from Santa
Riding her new bike
On her sassy Tinkerbelle bike from Santa
My Stocking
My stocking
Christmas Dinner
My Christmas dinner plate: sweet potatoes, stuffing, mac & cheese, roll, turducken, and green beans
After family time we headed home opening yet another present from each other before heading out to see Les Miserables.
Les Mis Tickets
After the movie we came home and opened the last of our presents to one another.

And speaking of presents we were definitely spoiled by our families, although it was much appreciated. Here's a look at some of the gifts I received, although one or two items may have missed the photo shoot.
Holiday Presents
Some of my favorites are the purse from the boy, the pasta maker from my grandmother, the china from my mother & father-in-law, the mud painting of Houmas House, the plantation where we were married, from my SIL and her family, and one final item that I forgot to include above, a dreidel and menorah ornament from my MIL.
Hanukkah Themed Christmas Ornaments
Did you have a merry Christmas? What were some of your favorite gifts received this holiday season?


  1. The mac and cheese looks great. Favorite gift by far is a generous Apple gift certificate. It goes to the tablet I'm hoping to get later this year. Also a nice basket of peppermint scented body and hand lotion. My skin is super dry and it was such a nice surprise. Love the menorah and dreidel ornaments.

  2. Yummm...truffle gouda mac & cheese! I would love the recipe, even though I just started a diet. LOL!

  3. Sounds like a really nice holiday! Enjoy your gifts!

  4. I love the painting of your wedding venue! Such a thoughtful gift, that you will have forever. Looks like a great Christmas!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. especially with the bonfires!

    Happy New Year! (Too bad about the Tigers game.....we were in Vail at the time for New Year's and my husband was desperately trying to follow the game on his phone!!!)

  6. I'm so bummed the holidays are over! I'm trying to get excited about Valentine's and praying for snow until then to keep the spirit going.

    My favorite presents include the "Keep Calm and Carry On" phone cover I got as well as the cash my in-laws gave me (to buy some necklaces and such since I never buy myself any kind of jewelry). I also loved the head wrap and peacock pin my mama got me!

    Enjoy your prezzies!

  7. Love those cute ornaments! I make a mac and cheese that's like that and it's so good! Hope you enjoyed it!