Tuesday, January 1, 2013

101 in 1001

I've never been one for new year's resolutions, but I do like working towards goals. Several years ago it was finishing college, then it was earning my Masters degree, then it was wanting to be engaged to the boy, then it was planning a wedding, and now... Well the obvious response is having a baby, except we're not quite there yet. But after spending much of the past 2 years working towards and planning a wedding, I felt a little lost without working towards something.

Which is why I'm jumping on the bandwagon of so many other bloggers and starting a 101 in 1001 list. If you haven't seen this before, it's a list of 101 goals that you want to complete in 1001 days (which gives you a little less than 3 years). I'll plan on adding a link to the top of my blog so you can always have access to the list, but for now here's a list of items I'm hoping to accomplish over the next 1001 days.

Start Day: January 1, 2013
End Date: September 29, 2015 (Which is less than 2 weeks before my 31 birthday... yikes!)

1. Give my blog a makeover
2. Reach 500 GFC followers
3. Print each year of the blog into a book
4. Complete NaBloPoMo
5. Clean out & organize my google reader
6. Create blog moo cards
7. Write 3 Day-in-the-Life posts
8. Earn $100 from the blog
9. Make a blog facebook page

10. Read 100 books
11. Cut my to-read pile in half (from 72 to 38 books)
12. Read 10 classic books
13. Watch 5 classic movies
14. Reread 3 favorite childhood books series

Exploring Louisiana
15. Visit 10 new restaurants in the Baton Rouge area
16. Watch Bacchus
17. See the Christmas Eve bonfires
18. Visit Louisana state fair
19. Go tiki tubing
20. Eat at John Besh's La Provence
21. Watch the St. Patrick's Day Parade
22. Go to the Strawberry Festival
23. Visit the doll museum
24. Visit Louisana Renaissance Festival

Exploring California
25. Visit a winery for a wine tasting
26. Visit California Adventures park (to ride the Ariel ride & visit Cars Land)
27. Pick and eat my mom's grapes
28. Watch the Rose Parade
29. Go sailing
30. Visit Legoland

31. Visit 3 Countries (not counting the U.S.)
32. Visit 3 states (not counting Louisiana or California)
33. Go on a camping trip
34. Go on a ski trip
35. Go on a couples trip
36. Go on a girl's trip
37. Have a staycation

38. Go fruit picking
39. Go on a picnic
40. Visit a zoo
41. Visit an aquarium
42. Watch a fireworks display
43. Go to a Backstreet Boys concert
44. Have a toast for our anniversary
45. Have a toast for new year's
46. Be photographed for a family photo session
47. Visit a restaurant of a Top Chef contestant
48. Go on a hot air baloon ride

49. Roast an entire chicken
50. Make creme brulee
51. Make ice cream
52. Make pasta
53. Cook dried beans
54. Take a cooking class
55. Visit (and cook) from the farmer's market
56. Grill a steak
57. Make my mom's brisket
58. Make my family's oyster stuffing
59. Make cranberry sauce
60. Bake hamentaschen
60. Make my mom's "potato pie"
62. Make an icebox cake
63. Meal plan for a week and follow through
64. Make a gingerbread crust
65. Bake bread with yeast

66. Complete a project 365
67. Buy and learn to use a DSLR camera
68. Finish France scrapbook
69. Mail out holiday cards
70. Order our wedding album
71. Create wedding shadow box
72. Learn to Sew

73. Clean out the "big closest"
74. Hang curtains throughout the house
75. Order wedding canvases
76. Plant & use 3 items from our garden
77. Build a deck in our backyard
78. Set the table for 3 different seasons
79. Finish painting the master bathroom
80. Have a fire in our fireplace
81. Decorate the porch for a given season
82. Clean out & organize closets in the library and big closest
83. Clean out & organize bathroom cabinets

84. Host 2 major holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving or Passover)
85. Join a synagogue
86. Meet 5 blog friends for the first time
87. Host a dinner party
88. Go to a blogger conference

89. Write a will
90. Pay off my student loans
91. Have 3 months of expenses in a savings account
92. Increase my current salary by 50%
93. Buy a new (to me) car
94. Have my name officially changed on driver's licence, credit cards, insurance cards, etc..
95. Pass first 3 actuarial tests

96. Wear make-up everyday for a week
97. Go through clothes and donate the ones I'm no longer wearing
98. Clean & preserve my wedding dress
99. Have no dessert/sweets for 7 days

101 in 1001
100. Blog each 101 as its accomplished
101. Write a brand new 101 list to complete starting on 9/29/2013

Do you have your own 101 in 1001 list? What are some of the goals that you look forward to seeing me accomplish or that you'd like to accomplish yourself?


  1. These are great! I think you can totally do it! I dapple a little in blog design if you want any help on that one!

  2. This is a really great list and I look forward to following along! I am sure you will reach all of these goals. I love having lists like this to strive for, but i have never done a 101 in 1001. Maybe someday I will!

    Happy New Year to you and the Boy!

  3. What a great comprehensive list! I love this idea and am considering stealing (borrowing?)! Cannot wait to follow along over the next few years!

  4. This is great. I've got a list of ten things to work on in the next year and I may elaborate on go for 101. Wishes for a very happy and healthy new year.

  5. No list for me. Most of the time, my goal is to just make it through the day. lol Good luck with your goals. Happy New Year!

  6. This list is really impressive! Good luck in reaching your goals and Happy New Year!

  7. Good luck with your list! I'm sure you can accomplish all of these!

  8. I love your list and wish you lots of luck with it!