Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Movie Reveiw

The Trouble With The Curve
I got the boy to see this with me because Clint Eastwood is in it, and it's a baseball movie. In terms of baseball, it's kind of the anti-Moneyball, about knowing the game and sometimes ignoring statistics. Except while there is quite a bit of baseball within, it really isn't a baseball movie.

Instead it's more of a relationship movie. Amy Adams' relationship with her father, Clint Eastwood. As well as her relationship with a new scout played by Justin Timberlake. And as anti-Justin as I am, I though he was really good in this.

I wound up really like this one, and while I don't think you have to like baseball to enjoy it, by liking it, it adds a perk. And while I don't think the boy liked it as much as I did, he wanted there to be more baseball, I do think he enjoyed it.

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