Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Virginia

John Carter
So maybe my clever post title doesn't quite work unless you seen the movie, but I'm still ok with that. I think this movie had a lot of potential, and while there were parts that I enjoyed, I don't see myself sitting down to watch it again.

I actually really liked the ending of the movie. And I don't mean that in a clever, I liked the end because the movie ended type of way, but that I really liked the way the story ended. And to be honest, the ending made me want to see a sequel.

But sitting through a lot of the rest of the movie, I was bored. I was confused quite a bit, and the movie seemed to drag on forever.

We did opt to see it in 2-D. After seeing all of the awful reviews on this I couldn't justify paying the extra charge.

Part of me wants to recommend that you pass on this one and wait for something better. But I'd still love to see a sequel to this, and if more people seeing it means that's more likely, then you should go see it!

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  1. I enjoyed the movie, but I am a huge sci-fi fan and Burroughs' work inspired so many modern sci-fi classics like Star Wars, so I went in expecting to enjoy it. I am really impressed that something written in the 1900's made such a great movie, and it made me want to read the original source material. A Princess of Mars is free on the Kindle since the copyright has expired, and so far it's pretty good- John Carter is the narrator and his voice is similar to the movie character's personality.