Friday, March 16, 2012

The Haunted Sisters

Royal Sisters by Jean Plaidy
It's been a while since I've picked up one of Jean Plaidy books, and like every time it seems I'm wondering why I've let this sit in my reading pile so long before picking it up. The book takes place at the end of Charles II's reign through William & Mary's reign, and it's a time I thought I knew a lot about. I was afraid that much of the book would be a rehashing of The Three Crowns, but while both feature William and Mary, each tells their story at different time periods. And as I've come to expect in Plaidy's books, I always wind up learning so much, which I love about her books.

While I knew that that Anne, sister to Queen Mary who would eventually be queen as well, had children I had no idea how many or how many survived and I was surprised to learn about them. I had never heard about her son the Duke of Gloucester, and the stories of him were some of my favorite parts to read.

Finishing this I can't wait to pick up Courting Her Highness, which I'm assuming will cover the details over Queen's Anne reign. I would love to go on and read the rest of Plaidy's books, except most of them are still out of publication. They were being republished fairly regularly, but I can't seem to find any indication that there's a plan to release more in the near future. But hopefully that changes, and if you've never read one of Plaidy's book, as always, I highly recommend her.


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  1. I've read some about Anne & Mary before, but I think I'd love this one!

  2. oooo i love these types of books!

    happy weekend!