Thursday, August 26, 2010

Theater Thursday

Down with Love
This movie tells the story of best-selling author Barbara Novack (Renne Zellweger) whose novels tells women they don't need love instead they can replace it all with sex and chocolate. This doesn't sit well with man's man, number 1 bachelor Catcher Block (Ewan McGreggor) who decides to get Barbara Novack to fall in love with him to prove that down with love author, really does believe in love. Except Barbara has quite a few plans of her own.

The movie is set in a fictional version of 1950s New York, where the fashion is almost of out this world. The entire film is full of sexual innuendos with the highpoint a completely innocent split screen phone call between the two leads where they're made to look like well... I'm sure you can guess.

There's a scene near the end of the movie where you can't quite believe what's happening, and the movie throws you for a complete loop. And in a way it makes the ending feel a bit unsatisfying, at least if your in a true man hating mode.

Another hiding gem in this movie is the music. It's a perfect compliment to the movie, but even more than that is the duet between Renee and Ewan of the credits. (That duet's been on my ipod for years now.) Its such a cute movie, and I would say the ultimate chick flick. If you're a girl and you haven't seen this movie, I would say you're definitely missing out.


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  1. I haven't seen this movie for awhile! I'll have to watch it again.