Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To The Birds

Normally in the mornings I leave the house while the boy is still asleep. But the other day (which really means a few weeks ago, but this it's taken me this long to blog about it) the boy had to leave before me. I was up and getting dressed while he left the house, but seconds after he walked outside my phone rang.

"You need to get outside right now!" the boy almost screamed on the phone. So even though I was practically half dressed I ran out front. And what did I find when I was out there?
Baby Bird on the Car
This baby bird just hanging out on the roof of the boy's car. The bird clearly didn't want to move, since it waited for me to run into the house so I could have a quick photo shoot. It was a little eerie that with us so close the bird didn't move once. I thought it was because it was still just a baby, and wasn't able to fly yet. I didn't think we should touch the bird (although according to the boy the stories of mommy birds abandoning their babies because they smell like humans aren't true). So instead I made the boy grab a towel from the house.

Luckily as the boy approached with the towel, the bird got a clue. I guess it wasn't as much as a baby as I had thought, because once the boy got close it flew away on its own. And now that we had no fear of harming any animals we were both able to head out and start our day.



  1. Wow, that's great that it let y'all get that close!

  2. I bet it was hoping for some bread crumbs :p

  3. heee. that's a cutie. I'm growing quite fond of birds lately.

  4. Omigoodness that is hilarious!!! I'm glad he flew away!

    And I didn't know that it was a myth that mom birds didn't like the smell of humans - we were always FORBIDDEN to touch robins eggs growing up because of that!

  5. How random - I would have thought the bird would fly off right away as they are usually frightened by humans!!