Monday, November 2, 2015

Let's Get Comfortable!

It's that time again, time to share my newest influenster box, the Comfort VoxBox! (I bet you weren't expecting that, were you?) But influenster once again decided to send a box my way, kind of surprising since I'm barely able to blog lately, and these are the goodies I received for review.
Starting in the back is a bag of Fishers Nut Exactly Snack Bites, Almond Popcorn dipped in Milk Chocolate. I had never heard of these before receiving them but they are so, so delicious. A perfect mix of sweet and salty. I'm trying not to eat too many at once and savor them, which is difficult, because I could easily eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Next up is Tide Ultra Stain Release which is great because as a new mom I'm always doing laundry and more often than not have crazy random stains on my clothes that I'm trying to get out.

We then have a coupon for a free jar of Ragu sauce, which is awesome because I'm obsessed with pastas of all kind.

Then there's a jar of Fiber Choice Immunity Support Fruity Bites which are a great combo because not only are you getting fiber but a ton of vitamin C. These actually taste a bit like gummy candy and I have to stop myself from eating more than one.
Enjoying our Annie's soup! #choosegood #contest @influenster @annieshomegrown
With more deliciousness is a box of Annie's Creamy Tomato and Bunny Pasta Soup. I'm actually not a huge fan of tomato soup, although do love tomato bisque which is a little crazy, but still enjoyed this soup. Especially the pieces of bunny pasta.

Last up is Sure Fresh & Cool Invisible Solid Antiperspirant & Deodorant another necessity, and one I don't always think about needing to buy, so it's definitely much appreciated.

I love getting this boxes because it means I get to try things I've never heard about (like Snack Bites) or things I've been meaning to try (like Annie's since I'm sure as Elley gets older I'm going to start buying their cheddar bunnies). Plus it's always a blast to get fun packages in the mail.

Disclosure: I was provided these items through Influenster. All opinions expressed are my own.

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