Monday, March 3, 2014

February in Review

Another month has come and gone. But as sad as it may be to see it go, I'm definitely ready for things to start warming up in March! But first...

In February..
Chicken & Dumplings
...The boy made this delicious bowl of chicken and dumplings. I also made Mixed Up Crock Pot Pasta and a White Russian Bundt Cake, although I can admit my contributions weren't nearly as good as his.

..We spent the day with out niece and nephew,
taking them to lunch
and to the movies
to see The Lego Movie.

...I posted reviews of 6 books and 2 movies.
At The River's Edge by Mariah Stewart
Marie Antoinette's Head by Will Bashor
The Taste of Apple Seeds by Kathatina Hagena
Hidden in Plain Sight by Jane Allen Petrick
Everybody Else's Girl by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett
Three Souls by Janie Chang
The Lego Movie
3 Days to Kill
Out of all my favorite was easily Three Souls by Janie Chang.

5 years ago, in 2009, I posted a tour of our first apartment which I ended with this photo out by our pool.
The pool
Yes, the photo above was taken in early February and this year it's already March and it still hasn't been warm enough to lay out. But hopefully it happens soon!

What are some of your highlights from this past February?


  1. I think watching the Olympics with Sam, my almost five year old, was the highlight of February for me!

  2. I cannot believe it's March - maybe b/c it's below 0 out there!

    Highlight - probably my snow boarding trips and watching the Olympics!

  3. February was a pretty craptastic month for me but the highlights would have been getting away to Vancouver with Eric and also hitting my 2 year anniversary at work and having an awesome review!