Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rush Hour

Back when we lived at the apartment I was only a few blocks from my office. It was about a five minute commute, which meant I was able to come home on my lunch hour just to watch a TV show if I desired. But then we bought a house and my commute completely changed.

My new morning drive wasn't that bad. There was relatively little traffic and it took about 20 minutes to get to work. But the afternoon drive was ridiculous. The exit before mine, the interstate goes down from 3 lines to 2 lanes, because of this change my drive home was at a standstill. While this same drive took me about 20 minutes in the morning, it took closer to 40 minutes on the way home. Even more than the time was that it was so stressful just sitting in stop-and-go traffic. And I mean stopped to the point where I was easily able to check my twitter updates since there would be no chance of moving anytime soon.

But not only did I move recently, my office moved as well. Which means my commute changed again. The new location gave me a few options. I could take in the interstate as I'd been doing previously. Or I could in a major street.

In the afternoon the decision was no question, I always take the streets. While it takes me around the same amount of time that the interstate did previously, without the traffic my drive is far less stressful. Now I at least know the reason I'm stopped is due to a red light and I know when the light turns green I'll get to start driving again. Whereas before I had no idea what was happening or why every single day I was at a standstill.

My morning decision is a little trickier. Taking the interstate in, I think, takes slightly less time, but is a little more stressful. Not because of traffic, but due to the fact that it exists me on the right side of a large street/highway and I have to turn left within a block or two. Driving the streets in is slightly less stressful, but also takes slightly longer. At least it has the potential to be longer depending how many red lights I hit. I'm not completely decided on my morning commute yet, but I'm thinking I might start taking the interstate in everyday.

What's your commute like? Is it different in the morning versus the afternoon? Have you been able to come up with any shortcuts to make it any shorter?



  1. I know how you feel, my commute changed a few months ago and I went from a 50 minute commute to a 20 minute commute. I was sooo excited but then they started construction and now I sit in traffic for about 40 mins. Sometimes I can do side streets to get me there but with the lights it can take just as much time.

  2. after Katrina, my 30 minute commute turned into an hour. My office moved from Metairie to the northshore. I drive 45 miles each way to/from work, across the causeway. The traffic from my house (in the burbs) to Metairie usually sucks in the morning, but once I get on the bridge, it's cake, since I"m going the opposite way than most of the traffic.

    I used to take straight interstate every day but now I drive airline into the airport and cut through on airport road to get to I-10. Saves me about 15 minutes of aggravation because I'm moving instead of SITTING in bumper to bumper gridlock.

    The afternoon is usually pretty much 15 minutes shorter. That's about it.

  3. I cannot IMAGINE taking 40 minutes to get to or from work!! I used to have a 20-minute drive to and from work every day and I thought that was SO LONG!!!

    At my old apartment my commute was about 10-15 minutes and I felt like that was a long time - I would take the freeway because going through town annoyed me.

    Now that we just moved I'm 3-5 minutes from work and I love that! Haha. I guess I've always been spoiled with good commutes compared to some people!

  4. luckily, I don't have a commute! just from my bed to my couch! :) except when I have to drive to meetings, events or interviews... but those are usually just around town, 10 minutes away. on Wednesdays I do have to drive to the office, though, to help layout the newspaper. but that is only about a 20 minute drive and no traffic since I go around 1 p.m.

    in that sense, working from home is great! save so much on gas! :)

  5. I take the bus, and because i always have to wait for it and do some walking, it usually takes me a good 35 minutes. BUT when I'm lucky and I catch everything right away, it's closer to 20!

  6. I've passed through BR at rush hour and it's a mess. I know exactly what you're talking about. It's not the worst traffic in the world but I don't expect to have serious traffic in BR. Ugh.... traffic makes me crazy. I office from home and I travel every week for work, so I don't have a real commute. However, I've booked hotels too far from my job site (without knowing). The worst was in Chicago. It took my 2 hours to get to work one morning.