Monday, August 31, 2015

Going Back to Cali: Days 3 and 4

Our 3rd day in California the boy and I took Elley down to 2nd Street. It's a cute area of Long Beach with restaurants and shops that's fun to walk down. I used to go down there in high school and clearly still do as well. The plan was to walk down and back and then drive someone else for lunch. Except by the time we got back to the where our car was, we wear dealing with this...
photo 25
...a passed out baby. So we decided to stop for lunch. The destination was Rubio's, a fast food Mexican restaurant known for their fish tacos. Again, something I love back in high school and clearly still love now.
Fish Tacos from Rubio's with a Sleeping Baby in the Background
We then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at my grandma's and actually were joined by Elley's godmother since she had a few hours till she had to leave for her flight back home.
photo 28
As for our 4th day, well I don't have a single picture, which also means I failed on my Project 365 that day. While there may not be photographic evidence we spend the day at my grandmother's, this time joined by my aunt and uncle. I guess we were all just having such a great time socializing that no one remembered to take photos!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. I often forget to take photos when hanging out with family. And I'm amazed if you made it to mid-July without taking a daily photo.

    1. Amend that to "before forgetting to take a daily photo." That probably makes more sense.