Friday, April 10, 2015

Down on the Farm

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
: 1971 by Harper & Row
First Published: 1933
Series: Little House #3
The first time I read the Little House books I didn't want to read this one. After all, it was about a boy and I wanted to keep reading about Laura. I even asked my mom if I could just skip ahead, but thankfully did keep reading them in order.

I do really enjoy this one, but don't remember it as clearly as the other little house books. Which meant that it was a little bit like reading it for the first time. Things did come back to me as I made my way through, but it was a bit of a different experience than what I had reading the first two.

One thing I have noticed about these books is how little dialogue there actually is. Yes, you hear the parents scolding, but in general they seem to be the only ones who get to talk. Instead most everything else is descriptions. Interesting, because if I were to read another book written this way I may not be a huge fan, but here it really works.


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  1. I remember I didn't read Farmer Boy right away either. But I also remember really loving it!