Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social

I feel like so many of the blogs I follow are participating in A Complete Waste of Makeup's Sunday Social, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in.
Best trip you've ever been on
It's hard for me to pick a favorite since I feel like I've been on so many awesome trips, but it would have to be either my Birthright trip to Israel,
The group at the Kotel
Can you find me in this picture?
or our family trip to Italy in 2000.
Image (8)
Funny enough, both of these trips were actually taken with my BFF/MOH.

Best idea for a girls weekend trip
Back in college we took a spring break trip to the Florida Keys. Except it wasn't a drink all day/go crazy type of spring break trip. Instead we spent most days lounging at the beach, and grilled out at our condo most night. (Although we did spend one night out in Key West at a drag show, where we went a little crazy.) Anyways that's the type of girls' trip I'd love to have, a laid back weekend at the beach.
Best idea for a couples trip
I would love to go to Turtle Island in Fiji. I mean you have your personal private beach. What could be better than that?

Best vacation on the cheap
Growing up we used to also go camping up on the mountains. They would be a good bit of planning involved trying to make sure that you had enough food packed for a week, and all the camping necessities. But it wasn't a high cost trip. I haven't gone to the mountains since college, but I'd love to take a camping trip with the boy.
Yes, this is me, blonde hair and all.
I'm around 3 or 4 here.
Place you most want to visit
My top three would have to be Australia, Greece, or Egypt.

Vacation/Travel necessities
Obviously a book, but more importantly a book that takes place where I'm visiting. I still remember reading Walking the Bible in Israel, or a modern day Venetian love story in Italy, or a Guinevere book in England. I just think it's fun to actually read something that makes the most of the trip you're already on.

If you're here from Sunday Social, thanks for stopping by, and be sure to let me know you were here! And if you haven't linked up, what would be your answers to these questions?


  1. Love reading about vacations. My top places now are back to Paris and Venice and then I'd love to go to Laos and Bali. I like reading about a place when I'm there and loved reading Mary McCarthy's "Stones of Florence" in Florence and "The Source" in Jerusalem in 1977.

  2. Birthright looks like such an amazing experience, I am so jealous of everyone who goes and it makes me want to curse my parents for not being Jewish. lol Okay, I took that a little far. But, really it just sounds like such a great time and everyone seems to get so much out of the experience.

  3. I may need to talk to you about your trip to Italy!! Get some insight on all the good eats and places to go! :)

  4. I totally agree about reading on vacations. When I was in the British Isles, it was a study abroad trip in literature, so we did lots of reading for "class," and it was amazing to be reading about these places in the places where they were written!

  5. Oh Australia! I would love to visit Australia! How could I forget that?

    I love your list! Good luck with your upcoming wedding!